Veteran imagemaker Tommy Ewasko is a world-class artist dedicated to producing unique, exacting and exciting creative photographic imagery. Quickly finding success in New York City following his graduation from the Rochester Institute of Technology, by 1988, Tommy's impressive imagery had already landed him on the exclusive roster of Kodak's Image Bank - which is now Getty Images, the world's leading stock image agency. Tommy then expanded into Houston, Texas, where he joined forces with some of the world's best developers, marketers and graphic designers to produce award-winning imagery for an elite list of corporate and agency clientele, while drawing rave reviews in boutique and gallery exhibitions across the United States. Currently based in Los Angeles and enjoying collaborations with a new field of creatives, Tommy also continues pursuing award-winning partnerships with the finest designers and creative directors from Houston to New York, and beyond.  Meanwhile, Tommy's works, including those seen in his Getty Images, America's Moments and Framespan galleries, continue to expand through his travels, his unique perspective, his craftsmanship, and E Studio, his professional imaging bureau. As he acknowledges, the imagery presented here would not have been possible without the sometimes painstaking efforts of many teammates. He tips his hat and gives heartfelt thanks to all, particularly Michael Ewasko, the resident digital expert of E Studio.

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